Marc House

Marc House

The new MARC venture and project is the ReMARCable Fantasy Fest Bead Recycling Project. Bring your beads to any of the collection bins located throughout Key West! Doing so will create green jobs for Monroe County’s developmentally disabled adults but also help with the “greening of Fantasy Fest” AND provide income for the MARC program and it’s family members! Want to “throw us some beads?”......collection bins are now in these locations and REMEMBER CLEAN BEADS ONLY!!!

Questions? Contact Jeff Hite at 305-294-9526 ext *18

Marc House beads

Recycle your Fantasy Fest beads here:

  • Tropic Cinema/ 416 Eaton Street
  • We’ve Got the Keys/ 922 Caroline Street
  • Aqua/ 711 Duval Street
  • MARC Plant Store/ 1401 Seminary Street
  • Upper Keys MARC House/ 90001 Overseas Highway
  • Fort East Martello Museum/3501 South Roosevelt Blvd

Purchase recycled beads at the MARC Plant Store/1401 Seminary Street

  • Beads come in 30 lb crawfish bags
    (approximately 24 dozen beads banded together by the dozen)
  • 33” long beads - $35.00 per bag
  • 48” long beads - $45.00 per bag
  • Specialty beads with lights, medallions, etc.. - $2.00 each

Some new enhancements to our program
We will have a group of volunteers following Saturday’s parade collecting the used beads for recycling so if you’re in the crowd and don’t want your beads...let us donate them for you!

We will be placing informative cards in select hotels explaining the bead recycling program to the guests and ask them to kindly leave any unwanted beads in their room and the housekeeping staff will collect them for us.

About MARC

Our Mission
To provide our clients with dignified, compassionate, professional care in a family environment for the duration of their needs.

Who We Serve
The Monroe Association for ReMARCable Citizens is a non-profit agency that serves adult clients within Monroe County who have developmental disabilities that include mental retardation (I.Q. 69 or below), cerebral palsy, spina bifida, Prader-Willi Syndrome, and traumatic brain injury sustained prior to age 18.

Our Services
MARC provides numerous services for our clients. These services are designed to insure that each client receives training and support that enhances his or her individual abilities to understand daily community routines and learn social, self-care, vocational skills. Other services provide medical and therapeutic supervision and help to increase a client’s ability to develop friendships with non-disabled persons.