Reddy Ice Fantasy Façade

Dress up your Home or Business like it’s going to a 40th Anniversary celebration! It’s 40 years of Fantasy Fest, and you can win cold, hard cash when you enter the Fantasy Façade competition. There are categories for Big Business, Small Business, Guest House and Private Residence, something for everyone!

Put on your creativity caps and send in your application!

Applications are due by October 21, 2019 at 5pm and Judging will be on October 23, 2019. Email your application to [email protected] or send/bring it to our office at 922 Caroline St.

Congratulations to the 2018 Reddy Ice Fantasy Façade Contest Winners!

Grand Prize Winner — $500.00

Key West Women‘s Club

Key West Women‘s Club — “Monopoly Place” — 319 Duval St.

Private Residence Winner — $300.00

Dawson Whitehurst

Dawson Whitehurst — “The End Game” — 918 Fleming St.

Guest House Winner — $300.00 — Two Winners

Atlantis House

Atlantis House — “Hellish Games” — 1401 Atlantic Blvd

Curry Mansion

Curry Mansion — “Twister Game” — 511 Caroline

Big Business Winner — $300.00


Rick’s — “Games of Life” — 202 Duval St.

Small Business Winner — $300.00

Ocean Sotheby’s

Ocean Sotheby’s — “Realtor’s Clue” — 420 Fleming

Honorable Mentions
Sloppy Joe’s, 201 Duval St.
Terri Johnson, 1503 Washington St.
Paradise Tattoo, 627 Duval St.
Linda Agin, 1520 Catherine St.
The Wicker House, 913 Duval St.
Grooms Family, 1415 Thompson St.
Glenda and Jeri Fox, 2819 Fogerty St.
Banana Cafe, 1215 Duval St.
Bagatelle, 115 Duval St.